About Alex Maroney with Home Sales Spokane

Alex Maroney has been around Realtors since before she could walk. She used to play make believe "Real Estate" as a child. No surprise that she has made Real Estate her career. Most people would get a business degree if they planned on getting into Real Estate but Alex has to be different and graduated from EWU with a bachelor's in Anthropology. This degree gives her the edge in Real Estate that others lack, she knows and understands people! This job has allowed her to carve time out for other important things like being a foster mom/dog mom, drinking wine and doing yoga. Yes, she is the cliche millennial BUT she is also so much more than that. Her slogan is "Professional AND real" and she lives this slogan. She hates the stuffed shirts of the business world and thinks you can do your job well and stay professional while simultaneously having FUN!